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Frog Support

  • True-Flite Cushion Frog Pad

    TRUE-FLITE shock absorbent pads are an economic, yet high performance, pad.  Designed to perform in all terrains and in all conditions, True-Flite pads are made from a specific formulation of ingredients specifically designed to not crack or tear -...

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  • 3rd Millennium Flat Frog Support Pad

    The 3rd Millennium pads are manufactured from clear elastomeric polyurethane.  They are ultra tough and can normally be used several times. The clarity of the material allows you to accurately position the frog support, particularly when...

    £8.50 - £13.00
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  • 3rd Millennium Wedge Frog Support Pad

    3rd Millennium wedge frog support pads are moulded from the same high quality material as the flat frog support pads.  Highly shock absorbent, the wedge frog support pads are designed not to compress during the shoeing period.  3 degree...

    £8.50 - £13.00
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  • 3rd Millennium P3 Support System

    A fast setting, tough but soft, supportive polyurethane, used to form a custom profiled insole, providing total support and protection to the entire solar area.  Eliminates pressure points and reduces overall pressure. Ideal for flat thin soles...

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  • 3rd Millennium P3 Mixing Tips

    P3 mixing tips designed for optimum mixing and durability.  The tips have a 24 element core with a flow inverter for optimum mixing and integrated moulded screw thread. Price is per mixing tip. 

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